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I know this is speciesist but I have to ask, how do you elves wear hats? Don't your ears get in the way? Are there special holes? Can we go to a hat store?
  The Elves say that they are the The Deity's favorite species. All other species were just an experiment until The Deity finished with the elves.  


Elves have two legs, two arms, a torso, a neck, and a head with two long and pointy ears. Their noses are also a bit pointy. Because they are bipedal, the female elves have narrower birth canals than other primates and as such have problems when they give birth to offspring. Many elves that don't have access to a healer or somebody that knows healing spells die in childbirth.   They have hair growing from the top of their head and only a few of them manage to develop beards. They only have very fine hair on their arms and legs.  


The Elves have pale, reddish, brown, dark brown and olive skin depending on where their ancestors come from.   Those whose ancestors originated from the The Sand Bowl have dark brown skin, while those who come from the area around the Sand Bowl have brown skin. The people with olive skin comes from the land around the The Center of the World while the elves with reddish skin come from the top of the mountains in the The Center of the World and the furthest south or the furthest north of the world. While the pale ones came from everywhere else.   The pale skinned elves have blond or brown hair and blue or brown eyes. The olive skinned elves have black hair and brown eyes. The reddish skinned elves have brown or black hair and dark brown eyes. The brown and dark brown elves have black hair and brown hair as well. There are also several different kinds of hair types. The dark brown elves have curly hair while the palers ones have straight or wavy hair.  


The elves are mammals and as such they give birth to live young. They have 2 biological sexes that enter puberty when they are around 14- 15 years old.   The elves usually get 1 child per birth, but there's around a 25% chance that each birth results in fraternal twins, while the chance for identical twins is 10%. They can reproduce again about a year after they have given birth.  

Growth rate & Stages



A newborn elf can't do much, it can only lie down and barely move their heads. During the first couple of months until about 6 months, the infant learns to lift their head and move it around. When the baby is 9 months old they should be able to sit without support, babble, and respond to their name being called. At 12 months the baby should be able to stand up, crawl, and use their opposable thumb.  


Toddlerhood happens between the age of 1 to 3 years. Brain development happens quickly in this stage of an elves life. They can stand and walk, draw circles, put blocks on top of each other, use short sentences, follow instructions and this is also when they learn languages. They undergo psychological changes influenced by the cultures that they are living within.  


Between the ages of 3 and 12 years, the child refines their motor skills. They should also be gaining a strong sense of self. They also develop in languages and will also start learning several spells. They should be able to do 1-3 spells at the age of 9.  


Between the ages of 12 to their Maturity Ceremony the elf is considered an adolescence. Now they should know several spells and should be able to do at least 5 of them. Depending on the knowledge base of the village where they live. Some Villages don't know more than that. At this age, they should have started considering abstract concepts such as love, freedom, success, and morality. They are also struggling to become more independent from their parents. Peers are more important than they have been before.  


After the Maturity Ceremony an elf is considered an adult and they should settle down with a job and family.
97 years
Average Height
1,9 meter
Average Weight
61 kg
9 879 546
Population in Korda
22 847
Average intelligence
Geographic distribution
The entire world.
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