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The settlement of Foghelm is more of an outpost than a village. It is situated in the Icegarden. The area that is the furthest north you can get without freezing to death.   Most people who live elsewhere say that the people living in this village are crazy.   They produce a lot of meat by hunting and they also mine for minerals, weird animals, and gems in underground caverns.  


This settlement is one of the newest settlements in the world. It was founded around 20 years ago by The Fog Mountain House.   With the protection of an ancient dragon named Este. The northern tribes of Beastfolk have grown exponentially in the last 2000 years and this small settlement was built by a House who wanted their own settlement because they could not agree with how the other villages were run.  


During a couple of months a year between when it’s the warmest and the coldest the settlement gets a lot of tourists that want to hunt Grizzly elk, live in The Snow Inn, and have a winter adventure.  


Cold snow as far as the eye can see. The area is completely covered in snow for 10 months a year and the warmest month only averages 4 °C.  


The people living in this settlement goes to and from other settlements with their sleds drawn by Wolf dogs. The merchants visiting the settlement travels there with Nothern Kowse but the route is long to travel so when it needs to be a speedy visit a dragon is hired to help them with the trip. Dragon's though, do not enjoy the cold weather and it is expensive to hire them to travel to this area.  


There are very few people who can read or write in this settlement. Being able to hunt and do handicrafts are a lot more important both for their immediate survival and for the profit of the settlement.
Founding Date
1231 RO
Location under
Owning Organization
Beastfolk - 214
Misc. - 9   Ages
0 to16 - 6,9%
17 to 25 -14,1%
26 to 45 - 39,5%
46-65 - 24,6%
66 to - 14,9%


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