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Monster Attacks

Nobody knows why, but sometimes the creatures of this world turn into monsters.
  While it's completely logical that the creatures living out in the forests will attack people who venture out into the forests of said creature. But they had no explanation for why the creatures would attack villages that are minding their own business. They found it completely unfair.  


When people started settling down to form villages, the creatures of the world left them alone for several years. Until a couple of the villages started to grow when the people started to band together into Houses. A lot of people died in the attacks of the supernatural creatures.   The creatures continued to attack villages, and they destroyed many of them. Only villages with dragons living in them managed to fight back. Dragons banded together to form Orders instead of Houses. This was the start of a new Era, when the people fought back against the creatures.   The creatures continued to attack the villages.  

Largest battle

In 1240 RO a huge pack of Mournlings attacked The Western Guard Tower outside of Korda and killed a couple of merchants that were on their way to the village. The Mournlings killed several guards and toppled the tower. They even got to a couple of the houses on the outskirts of the village before the The Order of Monsterthorn and the other guards managed to kill all the Mournlings that attacked.   326 people died, another 412 people were harmed and 19 Mournlings were killed. 7 buildings were destroyed, among them the famous or infamous depending on how you want to look at it Ormsby Mills, and 4 buildings were damaged.
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