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Answers to this prompt

Battle of Wylinta's Rings

by SableAradia

The Highcross Skirmish

by tjtrewin

The Reaping of Naeve

by Rynn19

Civil War on Karte

by Naelin

War of the Giant Camellia

by RiverFang

1st Boresian War

by Tillerz

Mantali Incident

by hcraven

The Invasion of the Sunset Val...

by Kaleidechse

Kadenazi War

by yeslittlehummingbird

Skirmish of the Bloody Ford

by David_Ulph

The First Armada

by kitoypoy

Emerald Rebellion

by eccbooks

Hostile Takeover of the Parkst...

by SoulLink

Iron Surplus Campaign

by Adcheryl

The Pits' War

by Frogdrake

Salt River Campaigns

by hughpierre

The Unforgettable Mistake

by Eallixy

The Wine Wars

by Rashkavar

End Of Berlin

by TheSolitaryGamer

Imperial Attack on Erell

by KajetanWrites

Massacre of Aldterp

by Michael Chandra

Old Voxelian Conquest

by BCGR_Wurth

Steigei's V BoeBaes Clinks Mat...

by Ian Eiriksson

The Eradication

by Recila

The Raid at Caftford

by LauraVAB

Alterra vs. Clan Seishin

by Sunflame

Sunset Dawn vs Sea Hawk

by Jacob-W

Tertiatus' First Invasion of S...

by FiveFootSquare

The Sinking of the Tyrnabay Ar...

by RPGDinosaurBob

The Wars of Torment

by RogueOfSpoons

The white masacre of Greenleaf

by Laria


by Lady Grayish

War for Zhaliya

by Urania

Winter's Mourning

by DapperCapricorn

35 year Lock

by Valcin

A Brief History of Kisqall and...

by Keefe Song

Attack on the Crystal Castle

by London_Halcyon

Battle of the unknown

by NiyumiGoldpetal

Clearing of Carabi Village

by Vertixico

Conquest of Cataali

by Matsls

Crysible vs. Slinden

by DMMyali

Demise of Edwistburg

by Wordigirl

Demon's cleansing

by Etherealvoice

Den Røde Timen

by Abdullah The Ill

Der Neodymaufstand

by Racussa

Der Piratenkrieg

by Alresu

Emswort/Berkham War

by SilikG

First Contact Ambush

by Anpumes


by Drake Ragon

Goldhill Masacre

by axym09

Guerra do sangue e da areia

by dexjax

Monster Attacks

by BasicDragon

Müthiş Savaş - The 999 Year Wa...

by xtremepsy

Nhia-Samri War

by lartra

Raid of 'DeepGleam's Haven'

by NorthWhiteWolf

Richard's War for the Rush

by ashurrell

Taking back Saarmen

by Shell Mel

The Battle of Amerol Farm 4022

by DwarfL0rd

The Battle of Crantorr, The Lo...

by Moondare

The Cargo War

by Teasugarsalt

The Chain Breakers

by DeadAussieGamer

The enslavement of the Caač

by Tuisku

The Fisher's War

by Jordo_707

The Graynger Campaign

by frotierkilla

The Jasani Conflicts

by jmcninja

The Red Assassination

by CassandraSojourn

The Soulless Genocide

by 13Leagues

The Sviskere Massacre

by MoonBro

Third Crusade

by hypnotoadie

toe ru crotiunvo /toe ru ˈkrot...

by Lillithwolf

Toktar Massacre

by vtijms

War of Enlightenment or Enligh...

by Blackblood107

War of Yiindab Cape

by Isaac Thompson

Yamatan Belt War

by DM Windu

Zweite Schlacht um Schondral

by Stampi

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