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— A person during the attack on Korda
  They have been called “creatures of the night” but they are actually only active during dawn and dusk.  


They have thin long legs, and their bodies are cylindrical. Their cylindrical bodies are covered with dark purple or green gradient slime that can move and form different shapes. There are also several eyes moving around in the slime. This slime is poisonous and should not be touched. Even if it's laying on the ground.  


Not much is known about this species.   They have only been observed in the forests south of the The Center of the World. People who try to get close without a plan on how to take the creature down usually die.   Those who have studied them from afar have concluded that they travel in packs with their relatives. They consume small animals and vegetation with their slime.  


There are three types. The completely dark slime, the purple to dark purple gradient slime, and the green to dark green gradient slime. Nobody has yet figured out what the difference is, if there even is one, between these three versions of it.   They appear to reproduce by splitting in two when they are growing too large. At first the two Mournlings who have split will only have a pair of legs each. They will have problems moving around at first, until they grow a second pair.
Average Height
3 meters
Average Weight
Average Length
Average intelligence
They appear to be somewhat intelligent, but are believed to be barely sentient.
Geographic distribution
To the south of The Center of the World.
Uses & byproducts
Their ashes can be used for Spell lights and other artifacts. They contain a lot of mana.
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