Spell lights

Wow, they are so pretty!
— A customer visiting A Leading Light
  Spell lights are glass artifacts that bring light to dark rooms.  


A couple of years after The Korda Alliance an elven glassmaker was annoyed that he had to stop doing designs for his glasswork when it became dark. He couldn't afford to spend money on wax candles and coal gas for his gas lights. To live in Korda was expensive for those who were low on the totem pole. He needed to work nights to have glassworks to sell so he could afford candles or gas so he could work during the night. He didn't know how other craftworkers survived in this village.   One day he received a letter with instructions on how to create lights that could run on mana. He created what the letter suggested and the first Spell light was born. He created several more and sold them in his small stall at the market. They sold quickly and he got a lot of orders of new ones. The glassmaker quickly became rich. He spend money on trying to find the sender of the letter but he never did.   Before he died, he shared the recipe with all other glassworkers. Spell lights are popular today and there are several shops in Korda.  

The Lights

There are several different kinds of Spell lights nowadays. Glass baubles on tables, glass and iron artworks that hang on the walls or from the ceilings and colorful glass balls that people can keep in their pocket.   The creators of these are mainly active in the city of Korda where there are several stores and market stalls where the Spell lights are sold. But there are glassworkers all over the world who can now make them.
Item type
Raw materials & Components
Glass, iron, and other materials used as decorations.
Images coming after WorldEmber, so sometime in 2021.


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