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-That guy, that one over there. He's super weird. Look at him.
-I've heard that he's a famous explorer.
-Mhm, sure.
— Tourists to each other
  Nokzel, called Nox by his friends, was a tourist before it was cool. He discovered a new blue pigment when he was 24. He has written a book on the subject named Finding Blue. But he has also written booklets on several other topics. The most famous one is "Inns and Taverns around the world".    


Nokzel's was born and raised in Korda, his parents were pledged to The Order of Monsterthorn and they expected him to join them when he became of age.   When he didn't they got upset at first and threw him out of their home. He moved in with an old dragon that had been teaching him to read and love books. She spoke to his parents and they listened to Sanzaia because she's an Ancient . He and his parents were on good terms when they passed away from old age.   He has one older sibling that he never met because they moved to another village before Nokzel was born.  


Nokzel's best friend is Sanzaia but he also has a lot of other friends around the world that he visits during his travels. His second best friend in the world is Okso, the bookbinder that binds most of Nokzel's booklets. Okso lives in the outskirts of Korda.   Nokzel is also an honorary member of several Artists Guilds across the world, which he frequently visits. They all praise him for his bad attempts at art.  


Nokzel can read and write and is educated in creative writing because he wanted to learn to write books like the ones he found in Sanzaia's library. He was also educated in accounting because his parents wanted him to be an accountant in their Order.   Nokzel did not want to become an accountant, though. Now he is using his writing knowledge, traveling the world, and writing booklets about whatever subject that strikes his fancy for the moment.  


His backpack and his ink pen.  

Finding Blue

Nokzel was out collecting information for one of his other booklets when he saw a weird hill. He came up with what he thought was a very creative paragraph about the hill and wanted to write it down. Sadly he only had paper, no ink. He tried to collect items he knew he could make ink out of but he couldn't find a couple of important ingredients. He took what he hoped would be good substitute ingredients and in the process, he found a new pigment for a blue color.
Year of Birth
1206 RO 53 Years old
House / Order
Exploring, writing, and several other things, he has a new fascination frequently.
Food, finding new things, people, writing.
Being alone and mean people.
Sexual orientation
Romantic orientation
Love Language
Quality time


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