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The Golden Scale Bakery

Zamarca, this pastry is almost better than yours! But only almost.
August to Zamarca
This bakery is famous for its wide variety of baked goods.  


In 997 RO after the The Korda Alliance a lot of dragons moved into Korda together with The Order of Monsterthorn and other smaller orders.   Two youngsters of these orders refused to follow in their parents' footsteps and join any of the professions that were suitable for dragons. After their Maturity Ceremony they started their own House which was unheard of for dragons. They were always in an Order.   They opened their bakery in 1003 RO and in the beginning, it was hard to get any customers. People didn’t want to buy bread or pastries from a dragon.   Instead of giving up the couple pushed on and managed to get a couple of customers. Through word of mouth, the tastiness of their wares spread. In 1006 RO the bakery had become lucrative.   In 1069 RO they retired and handed the business over to one of their children. She hired a couple of employees and ran the store with an iron fist. She also moved the bakery to a better spot for business. She retired in 1134 RO without kids and instead she sold the bakery to a youngster who had been working in her shop.   The new owner expanded the business and started selling their wares to other stores. He retired in 1197 RO and continued the new tradition of selling the store to a worker for a pittance. The new owner retired in 1250 RO to the current owner.   The current owner doesn’t work in the store but visits very often.  

The Area

The bakery sits with its entrance on The New Center Square. It’s a good spot and they get a lot of customers who step in from the hustle and bustle of the market.  

The Exterior

The entrance door is fancy, made out of glass, iron and wood. Ivy grows on the stone wall around the door and small bread, pastry, and scale ornaments made out of clay and fake gold filigree hang in it. Next to the door stands a fancy bench made out of iron where people can rest or wait for their friends. Above the entrance door hangs a sign that says “The golden Scale bakery.”  

The Interior

The room behind the entrance door is large. The walls are full of glass covered shelves. On these shelves sit plates of pastries. There’s a couple of tables spread across the floor close to the entrance full of baskets of bread, boxes of different kinds of tea, and bottles with other beverages.   In the left corner in the back of the room, behind a colorful panel wall, there are a couple of tables and chairs for those who want to eat in the bakery. In the middle of the room sits a large square counter with glass cabinets full of more pastries.   Behind the counter stands an employee ready to take the customer's orders. There should also be 1-3 servers, depending on the time of day, working the floors. They help people get pastries out of the glass-covered shelves and over to the counter to purchase them. They also serve the people lounging in their rest area.
Founding Date
1003 RO
Parent Location
Opening hours
Weekdays: 7am-8pm
Weekends: 10am-6pm
by Mae Mu


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