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The Grand Bathhouse

Oh...this city has a public bathing house...nice.
This public bathhouse is the oldest in Korda. It’s been around for about 800 years. In the last 200 years, it has gotten some remodeling to accommodate more customers as well as customers from other species.  

The area

The bathhouse is located next to Old Center Square. Far away from where the other bathhouses have been placed. The bathhouse is located in an area of the city where most of the oldest inhabitants live, which means that most of the clientele is older people.  

The exterior

The building is large and standing alone. It’s made out of stone and has large wooden double doors with intricate decorations. The decorations consist of flowers and trees. The building has large windows but high up so people can not look in from the outside.  

The interior

Inside the large double door is a large open room that smells like disinfectant. It is also used in the water to keep the visitors from getting sick. Cleansing spells are also religiously used to keep everything clean from bacteria.   Around the walls to the left and the right are walls full of cabinets with hang locks. The wall across from the entrance is filled with changing stalls and the door leading to the other room. In the middle of the floor stands a desk. A cashier stands there handing out keys to the locks, towels, and taking the payment.   The door next to the changing stalls leads to a small hallway with two doors. In the smaller room to the left, there are two pools that are for sitting and soaking in warm water that is heated by magic. In the last room are 3 rectangular pools used for swim training. The warm pools in the smaller room are more used by the Dragons, the Bugfolk, and the Beastfolk while the Elves prefer the swimming pools.
Parent Location
Opening hours
Weekdays: 10am-10pm
Weekends: 11am-8pm
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