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The Silk Thread

This shop is located in the old center square of Korda. The building is recognizable because it is the only Red wooden building in the entire city.  


The Silk Thread is the oldest company still active in Korda. It was started in 955 RO by The Koring House. It gained traction in 998 RO after The Korda Alliance. They were the only tailors who quickly jumped at catering to the new clientele available.   When the company was created, it was run by two Bugfolk, Sassess and Sirrrogh, out of their own home. When it started going well for them, in 976 RO, they moved the store to a small room in a building in the then village center. Around this time the village was tiny and all buildings were built out of black wood.   The village was right in the middle of several trade routes and at a harbor. The village was also creating a lot of fabrics in their mills. It grew rapidly, and so did the business of this small tailor shop. In 997 RO when the Alliance between many Houses were struck the Bugfolk of the Koring House did not want to hire the new species who were settling down in the city.   Sassess and Sirrrogh hired their first employee. An Elf named Intevar. Sassess had realized that Bugfolk and the other species saw colors in different ways and they needed people of other species if they wanted their business to thrive in this new world of living together.   Intevar revolutionized their business. in 1000 RO they moved their business out of the small room and into a newly built building in the now bustling center square.   The old Centre Square became too small pretty quickly and a new center square got built in 1005 RO but The Silken Thread have stayed in their large building. It is currently run by Intevar, Sassess and Sirrigh's descendants.  

The Exterior

The building is built out of red stone and there are apartments on top of the store that a couple of the renters are renting. The shop has a large red wooden door and an even larger display window that displays a lot of fabrics and clothes. The sign with the name of the store sits on the entrance door.  

The Interior

Behind the entrance door is a large rectangle room, the walls have shelves full of fabrics. In a corner, there are racks of ready-made clothes to look through.   Across from the entrance door sits a counter with a drapery behind. When the door opened, the bells hanging over the doors made the inhabitants of the back rooms aware of their new customer's presence. An employee will step out from behind the drapery and welcome the new customer. If the customer has booked a time, they will be invited into the back rooms.   Behind the drapes is a long hallway with several rooms. The rooms are 3 x 3 meters, three of the walls have mirrors and in the middle of the floor is a leather bench. Next to the door is also a panel wall.  


  The Silken Thread offers fabrics of different sizes and types, ready made clothes. Clothes that are made to order and designer made clothes that are tailored to perfection.
Shop, Tailor
Parent Location
7 full-time, 5 part-time
Opening hours
Weekdays: 8am-8pm
Weekends: 10am-4pm


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