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...I maybe should get my hair cut. My hair is itching from my hair poking them. Oh lock -
This is one of many barber shops available in the new center square in the city of Korda.   Beard trimming, haircare, furcare, scalecare, cosmetology, and dentistry are offered at this stop.  


This shop has been open for 7 years, the two owners, opened it after finishing their Maturity Ceremony and their apprenticeship at two different barbershops.  

The Area

The shop is located in the same building block as the The Golden Scale Bakery. One of the owners is related to one of the workers at the bakery and they are renting the room for the shop from the owner of the Golden Scale Bakery.   The second floor of the buildings in this area is used for another store.  

The Exterior

The door to this store sits on a wall that is made out of grey stone. The door is made out of black painted wood and there is no display window for this shop. Instead, there is a mural painted next to the door with a lot of people of different species in beautiful clothes and hairdos.  

The Interior

The room on the other side of the entrance door is small compared to the other stores in the same block. The room is square and on the walls of either side of the entrance, there are 2 mirrors each with benches in front of them, and on the wall across from the entrance sits a colorful drapery hiding the entrance to the personnel rooms and a private room used for dentistry. Against the walls, there are also other chairs standing that the benches can be exchanged for depending on what kind of species the customer is.
Founding Date
1252 RO
Barber / Dentist / Surgery
Parent Location
Opening hours
Weekdays: 9am-6pm
Weekends: 9am-3pm


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