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Azilya’s Wonders

Ooooh! This is cool. I didn't know this store was here...
This store contains a multitude of little trinkets and gizmos and if you’re special enough you might even get to visit one of the back rooms.  

The area

This store can be found in the city of Korda in an alleyway leading to The New Center Square and the market there. The store usually has a stall at the market in the center square during the weekends. At this stall, there will be at least one dancing doll that hides wires and gears behind her porcelain face and wonderful dress.  

The exterior

The alleyway is shabby and so is the door but next to the door is a small shop window that displays clocks, toys, and other trinkets. Above the door hangs a small sign that says “Azilya’s”  

The interior

Behind the shabby door is a room full of bookcases and displays. Full of toys, clocks, and a couple of pieces of jewelry. The toys range from small cute and soft plush animals with large glass eyes to trains moving around on tracks laid out across the room.   Across the room from the entrance is a desk where two cashiers sit and watch the visitors. Ready to help if they are needed.   Behind the desk, at the wall is a drapery. If you ask the cashiers a question that they can not answer one of them will disappear behind that drapery to one of the rooms deeper inside the building, where Azilya sits and tinkers. Most likely with a new invention for The Order of Monsterthorn. Weapons you take down monsters with is not something you show off inside a toy store.   The days he is not inventing for the order he is pledged to he will sit either in the shop room in one of the corners working on a toy, looking like inventory until one of the cashiers needs help with a question.
Founding Date
1232 RO
Parent Location
Opening hours
Weekdays: 10am-6pm
Weekends: 10am-3pm


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