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Ah! That's the infinity symbol! Hm? Ah, the endless curve? You have that in your world as well?
The only city in the world, Korda is a melting pot of different species and thus there are a lot of clashes in opinions and cultural beliefs.  


Many of the species living in Korda have different amounts of cones in their eyes and can see different colors, which means that colors aren't used much to mean specific things because that would confuse people who aren't able to see them. Symbols are more often used to infer meanings.  
  Black is the absence or absorption of visible light.   In Korda black is used for funeral rites.
  White is the lightest color.   In Korda white is used for birth rites and the Maturity Ceremony.
  Infrared, Dragons can see this color, it's the warmth of life.   To Dragons this color symbolises life and it is often related to the sun and The Deity .
  Ultraviolet, some of the Dragons and all of the Bugfolk can see this color.   It's used to see patterns on flowers and they are also using it in fabrics and symbols on buildings that only other Bugfolk can see.


These are some of the most important symbols used in Korda.  
  The Sun is used as a symbol for life, fertility, rise of power and vitality.   It is the guardian of the day.   In Korda it also represents The Deity.
  The Moon is used as a symbol for magic, new discoveries, mystery, and wisdom.   It is the guardian of the night.   In Korda it also represents The Dragon.
  The Wheel is used a lot in Korda as this city is full of different Orders and Houses and they have to work together, while in small villages there are usually only one or two House or Order...   The rim is the Orders and the Houses are the spokes.   Together the world keeps turning.
  The Comet is a symbol of change.   It is the end of the old and the beginning of something new. Sometimes the meaning of the symbol is also destruction.   The symbol rises in popularity every time a new comet is seen in the sky.
  The Rings is a symbol for unity.   If one ring is removed the other two falls apart. This was used as a sigil for many of the first Orders but it became so common and it is now not allowed to be used as a sigil. It is now used in letters and during the Maturity Ceremony.
  The endless curve is a symbol for eternity and being unbreakable.   In Korda, there is a famous love story about two star-crossed lovers who used a double endless curve for their endless and joined fates.  
double infinity
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