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Dragon Council

Why does Sanzaia have so many guest rooms when she's barely at home at all?
  The Dragon council is a group of Elder dragons that are members of different Houses & Orders. The council are somewhat of a secret, mostly only other dragons are aware of them.   The few Ancients. who are still alive are members of this council.  


The main members are the 4 Ancients. The other members are those who will possibly become ancients or those who are the elders of large Dragon Orders.   The leader of the council is currently Sanzaia as she is the oldest Ancient. The other members are of equal status.  


The council meets twice a year to discuss issues and decide on how to deal with paramount matters.   These biannual meetings takes place over a week during which the members who do not live in proximity to the HQ stay at the HQ. Which is the leaders's current home.   The meetins take place a month after the Winter solstice and a month after the Summer solstice.   A secretary is chosen every meeting and notes are gathered and kept.  


Not much is known about the history of the Council. It has just always been there. Sanzaia, being the oldest member says those before her never talked about the history of the council, at least not to her.   There is a large collection of notes taken from meetings of the council over the years that it has been active but the oldest notes suggests that the council have existed for as long as there have been dragons on this planet.
Founding Date
374 BO
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Public Agenda
The council was put in place to discuss issues that concerns dragons in their daily life. They also discuss issues for the world at large.
Being dragons, the members have a lot of assets privatly that they pool together if it is needed.

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