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So is there a lot of nepotism going on in the Houses?
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  An Elder is the highest position in many Houses. In larger Houses a council of elders is usually the governing organization.  


When a new Elder is needed for a House the members of the House will vote on who they want the new Elder to be. All members have one vote. The people they can vote on are at least three members that the previous Elder has nominated long before they need to leave their position.  


An Elder cooperates with others within the House. Plan how the organization within the House works and monitors that everything is working as it should and that everybody is doing their part. It is the Elder's responsibility that everybody is safe and as happy as possible. Some Elders forget that last part.  


The Elder is revered almost as a deity in a couple of the Houses and the people within those Houses treat them as such. They are given gifts and accolades. In smaller villages, the Elder is given a specially built building for them to live in.  


The Elders usually keep the title until they die or are too old to do the work required. Few Elders have been removed beforehand but it has happened. An Elder will be removed if:
  • They shirk their most important responsibility (keep the House safe)
  • They do not cooperate with others
  • They do something outrageous
  •   To remove an Elder the members will have to come together for a new voting meeting, where they have the old Elder removed then they vote on the other two of the people that the previous Elder, the Elder before the removed one, had chosen. If none of them are available the other higher ups within the House will nominate people that they think are eligible for the members to vote on.
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