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The houses are taller in this village...
August to Zamarca.
  Ikimor is a decently sized settlement on the road between the village of Carmine and the city of Korda. Merchants pass through the village daily.   The settlement produces a lot of vegetables and meat, this is also the birthplace of a famous bard named Tisel.   The settlement has two inns, a tavern, and a bathhouse that touristing dragons like to visit.  


This settlement is older than both Carmine and Korda, it was founded in 453 BO by The Orchid House. When people moved over to Korda in 998 RO the village population became so small that the village almost had to close down. There were almost no people there to take care of the fields. However, the village survived and now the population is even bigger than it was before the great emigration.  


There are forests around this village together with some hills and a couple of ponds. They do some lumber work and sell some lumber but this settlement mostly produces vegetables, grain, and meat.  


Most people in this village owns a mount or a bicycle. The merchants visiting or passing through mostly use Kowse drawn wagons, while the merchants that work from this village have wagons that are a bit more fancy.  


The Elders, the merchants, and the innkeepers are expected to know how to read and write, however, many of the people living in this village know how to read and write even though it is not necessarily needed. As the village is only a couple of hours away from Korda, a couple of the richer families let their children go to school in Korda. Then these children teach other kids.   The children are expected to help at home until they are old enough to start training for a profession with a mentor.
Founding Date
453 BO
Location under
Orcs - 7 403
Elves - 1 287
Misc. - 1 119   Ages
0 to16 - 15,5%
17 to 25 -11,8%
26 to 45 - 29,4%
46-65 - 22,1%
66 to - 21,2%


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