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Too bad they let neither man nor monster inside their walls, I would have loved to see how they make their wine.
— A winemaker to another
Carmine used to be an unknown village in the The Carmine Valley but it is now famous for its delicious wine. This settlement produces grapes and a couple of other fruits. They make them into wine, jam, and other sweet food items.  


This area was settled in 841 RO by a House of elves that had been exiled from another village because they had made the other House angry. Only 23 people lived here in the beginning but more elves moved to Carmine when Houses moved to Korda. Because they did not want to live together with other species.  


The area is flat and surrounded by forests. There are now also grape trees growing here. Some of them were local and a couple of them have been introduced to the area from where the elves came.  


The only way to travel in Carmine is on foot. The village isn’t large so it doesn’t take that long to travel. To and from the village people mostly pay the merchants for a trip. The merchants take Kowse wagons to and from the village daily. They leave early in the morning and arrive back late at night.  


Only Elders can read and write. All others get an education in what they are expected to work as. There are farmers, guards, hunters, and many other professions available. The elders decide what each child should be when they grow up when they are about 12 years old. Up until then, they are expected to help their parents in their homes.
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Related Tradition (Primary)
Elves - 2954
Misc. - 193   Ages
0 to16 - 14,9%
17 to 25 -13,5%
26 to 45 - 30,3%
46-65 - 23%
66 to - 18,3%


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