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Lysanthir’s House

It was comfortable, but I'm happy to leave it behind.
Lysanthir lives in this house. It's not his house. He's been assigned this house. He is expected to keep it in shape.  

The Area

All houses in this area look exactly the same. These houses are here for a specific reason, and they were also built for that reason. Like all buildings in this village, this house does not have indoor plumbing or electricity. The Houses have outdoor bathrooms.  

The Exterior

The building is made out of red-painted wood. The window and door frames are painted white. The building is square, 10 x 10 meters. The yard is rectangular. 10 x 20 meter, with an iron fence that is 1 meter high.   The door sits in the middle of the wall facing the road. From the road, a visitor would open the iron gate and walk down a small path up to the patio with two stairs before reaching the door. On either side of the door are two windows each.   On the wall opposite the entrance door is a door that opens up to a small balcony, and the backyard There is also a small well-kept garden with a small fountain between the outhouse and the house. This door also has two windows each on the side of the backdoor. The other two walls have 6 windows each.  

The Interior

On the other side of the entrance is a long hallway. At the end of this hallway is the backdoor that leads out to the backyard. On either side of the hallway is two doors. On the left side are the kitchen and the door to the sitting room. On the right side are two bedrooms. The room next to the entrance is Lysanthir's master bedroom and the door next to the backdoor is the "guestroom".  

The "guestroom"

This room has a large canopy bed in the middle of the room. Against one of the walls is a large ornate wooden desk and a fancy chair. On the desk lays a couple of sheets of paper, an ink bottle, and an ink pen. A washing basin stands against the same wall as a medium-sized closet and a couple of paintings on the walls.  

Lysanthir's room

This room looks exactly like the guestroom, except for a heavy chest at the end of the bed.  

The Kitchen

The kitchen is small and only has a cold box, a couple of cabinets and a small isle with two chairs next to it.  

The sitting room

In the sitting room, the walls have wall to floor to ceiling bookcases. The cases are full of books, a couple of them are squashed in so it would be hard to take them out without pulling out some other books in the process. In the middle of the room sits a pretty large coffee table with two plush armchairs sitting opposite each other around it. Next to one of the armchairs is a pretty large wooden box, full of different kinds of tabletop games to pass the time.
Founding Date
1210 RO
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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