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The Deep of the Ancient Crypt

What's behind that door?
  Since the times of the original Dragons, they have always cremated their dead and saved their ashes to spread them over special places for the dead dragon. This means that when they finally settled in Zarinth they had to have somewhere to keep the ashes. Since they couldn't go about scattering ashes everywhere in the settlement.   They found a natural cave system that they remade to use as a crypt for the ashes of their dead.  


The dragons who remade parts of the cave system into a crypt did not choose to make the crypt at the end of the cave system. They never found the end of it. Instead, they choose to remake a couple of large caves close to the opening of the cave system. They built a door towards the deep of the cave system and then a door at the opening of the cave system.   Zarinth is the oldest settlement and there are many urns full of remains in the crypt and they are steadily running out of room. The Dragon council is currently debating how and where to expand or build a new crypt.  


There are many dragons who are not Zarithian and these dragons as well as some non-dragons visit Zarinth as tourists. The crypts are supposedly beautifully built and decorated and many tourists want to visit them. Other dragons have been allowed to visit the crypt and even been allowed to have their remains kept there for their descendants. However, with the space problem and the non-dragon tourists wanting to visit there are now groups who do not want to let non-Zarithians into the crypt. Not for a visit nor a permanent stay.  


Why did the builders put a door at the end of the crypt? Why can't the Dragon Council build further into the cave system? The general populace is not privy to this information and thus myths have sprung up about the door to the deep. Many believe that a terrible ghost lurks behind the door. Others believe that it is the way to the underworld.
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