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Shimmer Town

Oh, so this is where your friend lives? It looks fancier than I thought the mining part of Zarinth would look.
  Shimmer Town is the mining district in the settlement of Zarinth. Here miners live with their families and mine metals and gems.  


When the dragons settled and created the town of Zarinth it was at first only a trading town. When an Other visited them several years later they learned how to mine in the mountain and these districts grew from that.  


This district is the furthest away from the rest of the settlement and there are two parts of the district. The smallest part is on the same cliff as the main settlement and it is known as High Shimmer Town. While the other part of the district is on a smaller cliff further down called Lower Shimmer Town.   The homes are built out of stone and metals. They are the best looking buildings in the entire settlement. The most notable building is the home of the Ancient dragon Sanzaia, she is a part of the Dragon Council.  


In the rest of the settlement of Zarinth non-dragon inhabitants are becoming more common, however, in Shimmer Town non-dragons are still very rare since The Shimmer House does not want to let any non-dragons join their ranks. The Other who gave the mining to the dragons was an honorary member before they died.  

houses and orders

Like all Houses & Orders in Zarinth they are taking their orders from the Dragon Council. All different districts are run by one House or order. The District of Shimmer Town is run by The Shimmer House.  


The crime stats for Shimmer Town is the lowest in the entire settlement of Zarinth. There is a small percentage of Zarinth overall but the crime rate in Shimmer Town is even lower than in the rest of the settlement.  


The metals being mined in Shimmer Town are mainly; tin, antimony, gold, copper, lead, aluminum, mercury, and silver.   The gemstones being mined are mainly; agates, beryl, garnet, quartz, and turquoise.
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