Hey, Zam, look! I found copper! I'm going to be rich...wait.
Copper is so far the only chemical element found that can retain magic and thus it is used in all Artifacts.


Most copper have been mined from volcanic rock close to the volcano named The Red Mountain and the neighboring mountain named The Purple Mountain.   It is a common metal that has been found all over the world. It was found in sedimentary rock before the dragons of Zarinth started mining it from volcanos, making their settlement rich.


The Artifacts are the oldest items made with copper and it is unknown who created them. It is also unknown when the first artifacts were created. It is believed that the artifacts were created during the time when The Deity and The Dragon were alive. Which happened over 10000 years ago at least.   History has supposedly been lost since The Deity and The Dragon died and the monsters took over the planet.


Copper is used in a lot of alloys, bronze being one of the most common ones which is used in musical instruments, weapons, and boats. Brass is another one and it is used in watches and navigational aids. It is also antimicrobial which means that it is good to use for surfaces that will be touched often.   Copper can be used as a conductor and as such it has been used to give electricity to the fancier parts of the settlements of Korda, Foghelm, and Zarinth. It has not spread to any other settlements on Idyll yet.   The metal is used for many things but some of the more common ones are as utensils, medicine, jewelry, plumbing, roofs, vaults, doors, rain gutters, coins, sculptures, bells, and lamps.   The addition of copper to gold is how rose gold is made, it is a very popular color among dragons and a lot of different jewelry is made out of it. The rose gold from Zarinth is a very distinct and highly sought-after color.
Boiling / Condensation Point
2562 °C
Common State


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