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Wow, it really does sparkle. How does it do that?
August to Zamarca
  This building is located in the oldest settlement in the world, the dragon village of Zarinth located on a cliff of the Purple mountain. The healers working within the walls of this building will treat what ails everyone who visits.   The dragons are a hardy lot that very rarely get ill. However, they still suffer from some ailments. That is why they built this building back when this settlement started to grow and they couldn't treat their own illnesses at home.   When Almshouse was new they could not heal other species that had somehow managed to settle in Zarinth but nowadays with all the trade and people who have settled in the village they can help all sapient species.    

The Area

Almshouse is located on the outskirts of the market close to the wall of the mountain, with the bank and the messenger center on either side of it.    


The outer walls of the building are built from a white mineral material that is hard as a rock and shimmers in the sunlight. All non-dragons who visit always have to stop and stare at the building in awe. If they ask a dragon what it is made out of no dragon will answer the question. Mostly because they don't actually know, but some because they do not want to share the knowledge of the origin of the material.   Next to the large entrance door are two large windows. Above the entrance door sits a sign that says; "We will treat what ails you and ease your suffering" in Zarinthi.  


Inside the entrance door is a small room. The floor directly inside the entrance door is created by black shimmering mineral stones the rest of the floor is covered by grey carpets. The walls are painted white and the windows have light blue curtains made out of Zusriz silk. Behind a large table a sits a receptionist that will greet everyone who visits the building during the opening hours.
Founding Date
Parent Location
Owning Organization
Opening hours
Open at all times for emergencies.  
For visitations
Weekdays: 1pm-8pm
Weekends: 2am-6pm


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