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Wow...this market is even larger than the one in Korda
This is the second-largest settlement in the entire world and the largest settlement in The Center of the World.  


Zarinth is not only the second-largest settlement, it's also one of the oldest settlements in the world. Zarinth is mentioned in a lot of the early documents, and the Ancients say that the settlement has been there for as long as they have been alive.   Back when the oldest Ancients were young this settlement was small, just a flock of Dragons families, but during the years it has grown. Now there are several other species living in the settlement as well, but the majority are still dragons.  


This settlement sits on a cliff high up on the The Purple Mountain and the only way to get to the settlement is to fly.  


Within the settlement, there is no other way to travel than with wings or with feet. To and from the settlement it is possible to pay for a ride from a small village at the bottom of the purple mountain or from several of the larger settlements like Korda.  


There is some general education but only for those who can afford to pay for schooling. This education includes; reading, writing, mathematics, science, magic, philosophy, and logic.  

The Market place

The settlement is built around the marketplace, the scholars theorize that this place started as a trading post for dragons that flew across the mountains with the seasons.   The market place is split into different parts. One part contains groceries and different kinds of food from all around the world. Another part, a small one, has different kinds of trinkets from other parts of the world and the largest part of the market sells and trades pieces of jewelry made by the Houses that live in or around the settlement.
Founding Date
Location under
Owning Organization
Related Tradition (Primary)
Related Professions
Dragons - 26 540
Elves - 1 102
Misc - 14 237   Ages
0 to16 - 17%
17 to 25 -11,3%
26 to 45 - 31,7%
46-65 - 18,7%
66 to - 21,3%


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