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Crypt Cleaner

It's very clean in here...I wonder who does the cleaning?
  Crypt Cleaning is a professions that only exist as such in the settlement of Zarinth.  


The Crypt cleaners, like the name states, cleans crypts. Specifically the large crypt in Zarinth. There have been discussions of creating another crypt in Zarinth and it's something that the cleaners discuss with each other.   They decide where new urns should be placed, takes care of flowers and they have a lot of other work assignments that the visitors of the crypts are not aware of.  


The cryp is open for visit all day, every day and it's in tip top condition. The flowers are always fresh, and all surfaces are spotless. Even the trash bins are always empty and if a visitor happen to have a question about something, there is always a worker there that who can answer it. The visitors never notice these workers though. They fade into the background.   When asked about who takes care of the crypt the general populance have problems answering and will most likely only answer; The Dragon Council.  


No specific qulification for this profession is needed.  


The payment is lower than most other professions in Zarinth.  


  • The workers get a free spot in the crypt for their urn when they die, they also get to pick the spot themselves.
  • Disability insurance
  • Sick leave
  • Retirement plan
  • schedule

    There are currently 5 people employed by the Dragon Council as Crypt Cleaners. There is always 1 person working at any time. 1 person works from 04:05 am to 01:05 pm, another from 12:05 pm to 09:05 pm and the third from 08:05 pm to 05:05 am.   During the overlapping hours when there are 2 people working the person who worked the previous shift updates the person who just started on what has happened during the previous shift, what needs cleaing and then they go to the door to the deep together. Unlock it with the two keys needed and feed the monster inside.
    People doesn't even know the profession exists.
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