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The Northern Star Festival

Ooh! Look Zam, a card game, oh wait look over at that candy. No wait, leave that yarn alone, and let's go look over there!
  Those who visit Zarinth either do it for regular trade or for the Northern Star Festival that happens once a year. It's the only and largest trade festival in Idyll.  


The Dragons have always been fascinated by the night sky, they were the non-native species that gave the skill of navigation to the people of Idyll. The dragons of Idyll used to be able to travel and navigate between worlds and even dimensions. The Original dragons, the ones that landed on Idyll millions of years ago had other ways to navigate, but the Northern Star seen first on the night sky of Idyll is the best way to navigate on Idyll.   The dragons now born and bred on Idyll have always paid respect to the Northern Star every night. When the a couple of families of dragons settled on the The Purple Mountain and became the Zarithians they started paying homage to the Northern Star once a year. When you do not travel anymore the stars in the sky aren't as important.   If the settlement wasn't prospering on trade they might've forgotten about the sky altogether.  

The Northern Star

The star is always referred to as the Northern Star because it's not always the same star. Because of precession, the star that was the most northern star 3000 years ago is not the same star that will be the northern star in 3000 years. As the settlement of Zarinth sits just above the equator the Northern star kisses the horizon.  

The Festival

The festival is a 6-day long yearly festival that ends with a night feast where everyone toasts to the rising of the Northern Star. During the other 5 days, there are dance and theatre performances as well as art exhibitions. The largest area is devoted to trading exhibitors though. Food, artists, fabrics, clothes, jewelry, and everything else that can be traded and sold.
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