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  The Guards working in Korda are the law keepers of the city. They enforce the law, to ensure the safety of the people and their possessions, and to prevent disorder in the city. They will also work with the military units of Korda to keep the city safe from supernatural creatures.   The Guards working in villages in the rest of the world usually have less obligation and are usually only safe-keepers from the supernatural creatures that can attack. Many villages have sheriffs to keep the law.  


To become a Guard a person first have to work as an assistant to a guard until their Maturity Ceremony. Then they have to pledge to an Order that handles that profession in the settlement that they live in.   The ones living in Korda will have to have finished a general education and worked as an assistant guard until their Maturity Ceremony.  

Social status

In the villages, the profession is looked upon as any other profession. Different villages have different views on the profession but generally little kids want to be guards until they become a little bit older and realize how dangerous the job is.   In the city of Korda the profession is revered by the general public but reviled by the people doing illegal business and those who have been unjustly treated by the guards. Usually the guards and the general public mistake those two very different groups as the same.  


The guards keeping the villages safe are prone to either get major wounds or die from monster attacks. The guards in Korda can get psychological and physical injuries from handling the crooks of the city as well as fatal wound while handling monster attacks on the city.
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