The Shimmer House

So, the Shimmer House have their fingers in every business in this settlement?
The Shimmer House is a large trading, mining, and production House in the settlement of Zarinth. Its members are mostly Dragons but there are some Beastfolk as well.  


The Shimmer House is the oldest House in Zarinth but it is still a young House compared to the other Houses in the world. The Dragon Council controlled the settlement when it started to grow. But with more and more people living in the settlement, they could not stomach the fact that the Ancient Dragons, who are pretty out of touch with the modern dragons, were running their lives. Most of the people of the Dragon Council didn't even live in the vicinity of the settlement back then. So they did what other people had done around the world. They formed a House to run the day-to-day business of the settlement.  


The House has three Elders, these three are responsible for trade, mining, and production respectively. Each Elder has a small court of 7 people that have been voted into the role by the other members. These courts together with the elders decide on choices for the House. This House still answers to the Dragon Council though.  


The Shimmer House is the largest House in the settlement of Zarinth. As such they own large parts of the settlement. Most prominently is the two districts called Low and High Shimmer Town. They also own all the mining caves in The Purple Mountain and The Red Mountain.   The Shimmer House is also the employer of around 80% of the Tradesmen working and trading from the settlement. 76% of all the business owners in Zarinth are members of the House and around 8% of the members live in other settlements. 90% of that 8% are business owners.
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