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The Crypt monster

There's a monster behind this door? Who has the key? Why did they lock the monster in?
There are many myths surrounding the Ancient crypt of Zarinth but this myth is one of the more popular ones. It's also the one that most people believe is the truth behind the door at end of the Crypt.


According to the myth, two of the builders of the crypt were two star-crossed lovers. The Other person who had taught the dragons to mine and one of the dragons. Back then interspecies relationships weren't only frowned upon. It was actively deterred.   The Other was revered and so was the young dragon who was the child of the Elder. As they were not allowed to date, they sneaked time together down in the cave system behind the crypt.   When the Elder learned about this they became angry and called for the Other. Worried that they had been found out the Other went to meet the Elder even though they had promised to meet the dragon in the cave.   The dragon waited in the cave, wondering where the Other had disappeared to when they heard a sound in the distance. The Dragon thought that maybe the Other was waiting for them deeper inside the cave system.   When the dragon went deeper into the cave system they were attacked and possessed by a monster living in the mountain cave. The monster returned to the crypt and attacked all the builders there. Some of the builders managed to flee and call the guards and the Elder over to the cave. The Other came as well.   The monster killed everyone who managed to get close to it. Except the Other. The monster who used to be the dragon only slowed and stared at the Other. The Other lured the monster down into the cave system and the builders placed a door at the end of the crypt so the Other could return out and return back down into the cave system again and meet the dragon.


At first, the myth was only told in Zarinth, much later it started to spread to other settlements close by until it reached the rest of Idyll. It is now a known myth in the entire world.


There are many retellings of this story, especially in art and in books.
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