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Winter solstice

Merry solstice!
— Said the day before or during the morning
Everybody around the world celebrates the Winter solstice however the traditions are slightly different depending on the region in which the people live.  


According to old documents, the tradition has been celebrated for as long as people can remember. Different species celebrated the tradition differently, but now when settlements are a bit more diverse, the traditions have changed to include the differences.  

The Valley of the Sun

In this area, people will celebrate the winter solstice by burning a large fire during the night. There is usually one large fire lit in the center square of the village or on a large area outside of the village. In the city of Korda there are fires in both of the center squares but people with large yards also light their own small personal fire.   People will dance around the fire. Everybody will also throw a flammable item into the fire that represents bad things that happened to them during the year. After the party people will sit down for a feast. What this feast consists of depends on the village. In Korda winter beef stew is a popular dish that beef farmers have made popular. Families make their own version of it. In Carmine people eat a creamy chicken in wine sauce with jam.   In this region, all feasts include a dish, usually a bread, where a nut of some kind will be placed in one of them. The person who gets the nut will have a great year.   Before going to bed people will also paint a large sun on their doors. In hopes that it will protect them from monsters. It's believed that this is the night where the monster is the strongest. As demons have been seen roaming the streets when people have gone inside after the fires.  

The day after gift

The morning after, everyone in Korda will wake up and have a wrapped gift at the foot of their bed. This is relatively new, it has happened for the last 155 years and has started to spread to other cities across the world. Every time somebody burns matches with a fire spell and leave the ashes around them. They will find a gift at the end of their bed or where they were sleeping when they wake up the day after Winter Solstice. Even those who don't have a family.   Many believe that it is The Deity or The Dragon, or both of them together, that are leaving the gifts.   (more will be added as I work on the other regions)


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