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Dragon fabric

...uh, why is this fabric so much more expensive than the others?
August to Zamarca
Dragon scales are shed by growing dragons but scales can also be taken by force. Dragons who want to be able to shift between their forms with their clothes still intact have some of their scales shed while growing up made into this fabric.  


The dragons have been shedding their scales for as long as they have existed. There are no records on this planet how they learned to make fabric out of their scales. But they did. When they thought a couple of the Bugfolk in Korda they quickly set out to make fabric and clothes for the dragons as well. A mill was set up just for that purpose.   The Dragons no longer had to spend time teaching their children how to make fabrics out of their scales. The Bugfolk made fabric for them.   The Ormsby Mill produced a lot of dragon fabric, it produced fabric that even the wealthy people of other species could purchase. They made a big deal out of the usefulness of their fabric.   When the mill was destroyed in a Monster Attack the fabric from the mill became even more rare and sought after. There are other mills producing dragon fabric now, but they are more subdued about it and only sell their fabric to dragons, or tailors that serve dragons.  


Dragon fabric is used to make clothes for primarily Dragons, but other species can also have clothes made from the fabric.   The fabric is also used when making armor and weapons.   The wealthy used the Ormsby fabric to make tents on both public and private properties. These tents are then used for holiday parties. The tents have been vandalized by unknown people and now there are guards posted to guard the tents.
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