Voidling Races

What's this? Can we watch it?
— August to Zamarca
  Voidling races is a sport where the handler should lead the voidling through a race track with obstacles. The voidling that has rushed through the track with the fastest time and the least missed obstacles wins.   These races are popular in Korda but it has spread across the world together with the spread of the pet. The Voidling Racing association is the group responsible for the competitions that are held by clubs in different villages.  


In 1217 RO there were several voidling appreciation groups in Korda that were discussing holding a competition between their groups. They talked about it for several years until 1231 RO when the first race was held in The Moonsky theater.  


The obstacles are made out of metal. A metal circle on top of a metal staff that sits on the ground.   The obstacles are also numbered. The voidlings have to go through the obstacles in order.  


  • The voildings race in the orders decided by a lottery.
  • Before the race the voidlings are inspected, well, they are looked at with a looking glass to see their colors and the general denseness of their form.
  • The voidling lines up at the starting line together with their handler. The handler is usually the owner of the voidling but there are some who hire others to run through the track with their voidling.
  • A light flashes and the handler leads the voidling through the track. The voidling loses a point every time they miss flying through an obstacle.
  • Courses

    There are two kinds of courses. A straight but longer course and a curvy course that is a bit shorter. The straight one is a lot easier and is mostly used with classes for voidlings new to racing.
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