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Alchnos't 's sapphire

Work in progress
Alchnos't's Sapphire(Сапфир Альхноса), also known as the Damned Gem or Cursed gem is a magical sapphire necklace which is associated with Dubhe's curse and the Tale of The Lost Northern Stars.


The origin of the Damned Gem is unknown, but it is believed that it was crafted in the Void of Chaos by the Sun. It is unclear when It fell on the hands of Alchnos't, the most powerful of the evil Demons. Like anything that was manufactured by the Stars, it only can be broken by a weapon crafted by they as well, for example the Stellar Sabers.  

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This jewel is composed by several part Its parts are the ones listed below.
  1. The Gemstone: It is an hexagonal shaped sapphire. Its color is shiny blue with small darker spots. It reflects the light that hits it.
  2. The tie: It is actually a thin chain made of silver and white gold, attached to the gemstone.
While looking like a normal necklace, this jewel carries a very powerful magic which limits are still being not fully understood. It has the ability of absorbing vital energy and keeping it inside, trait that can make it dangerous for material living beings if is worn during long time periods. This stored energy can also be released in spells. Supernatural beings like Demons can wear this necklace without being really affected by its effect because they got a lot more energy in their bodies than material creatures like humans, so besides not being harmed by its power, they can use it for casting stronger spells thanks to the amount of energy stored.

Trap Spell

One of the most dangerous spells that can be performed using the Damned Gem is the Trap Spell which consists in separating the body and the soul of another creature. The soul gets trapped inside the sapphire and the wearer can use its energy as well as controlling the victim's body to their will. When it's performed on an animal or human, usually the spell breaks when the soul gets all its energy consumed and disappears. But when is used in non material beings, the spell lasts a longer time. The effect is not instantaneous, is affected by the bewitched individual's resistance. It can become faster and stronger by the victim's negative emotions. It's believed that it has been performed only once, when Alchnos't tempted and possesed Dubhe.


The Damned Gem is usually associated with the Tale of The Lost Northern Stars. Despite not being explicitly mentioned in that legend, it appears in many illustrations depicting scenes from that story in books, rugs, murals and pottery. This jewel as beautiful as deadly, is associated with underlying risks and the mantra of "appearances can fool", as well as greed.  
Dubhe bewitched by Alchnos't by Geraldine Escriva (Gege16)
by Gege16
Item type
Current Holder
Unique. There's just one known.
500 g
Necklace length: 30cm Sapphire's lenght: 10cm
Raw materials & Components
The necklace's tie is made of silver and gold while the gemstone held by it is a sapphire.
Shapphire collar by Pinterest

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18 Jul, 2021 21:18

This sapphire sounds beautiful! Too bad it's used by evil beings. I imagine this sapphire would be quite valuable still! As it sounds like such a large gem. Great article! :)

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Gege Escriva
19 Jul, 2021 01:50

Thanks a lot TimeBender! Yes, is a really beautiful gem, but as you said, is sadly used for evil purposes :(