Empress' Heart

The Empress' heart is the largest known Adium Crystals in existence. This powerful crystal and its legendary powers is rumoured to have been handed over to the first father of the House Alderac fifteen hundred years ago by the gods themselves.

Dark red with a shining ever-pulsating core the Heart is a perfect sphere made of pure fussed Adium. It measures 16 centimeters in diameter and has twice the expected weight for a crystal of its size.

As with all Royalty and nobility crystals the Heart is able to be connected on its locket in order to make use of its stored Anima. It is said that the Heart contains the anima of over 75 souls in it (500 Anima points), making it five times stronger than any Artificer-made Duke's crystal in existence.

In addition to that, the Heart, grants its wearer the extrordinary ability to see deep into the past and the future and anywhere on Lyra through the eyes of anyone that the wearer has ever touched while in possession of the Heart. It is this ability that gives the Heart her secondary name, the All-Seeing Sphere, and it is this ability that allows the Empress to keep even her most powerful subjects in check.

It is because of this that the fealty ceremony involves the subject to hold the Empress' hand and kiss it while looking into her eyes and utter his or her oath.


The origin of the Heart is lost in the ages, and many people have suggested that the divine right granted by the Heart to House Alderac is nothing but hapenstance, that the artifact was found somewhere in the ruins of the ancient Atlantean Civilization in Thebia, but even though every single known ruin has been thoroughly investigated, no other crystal, or similar to it artifact has ever been known to be found

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Unique Artifact
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