Imperial Cult

The Holy Theban Empire is the longest lasting Empire in the written history of Lyra it is also the single most diverse religious body in the world.

The Cult does not claim any deity of the supreme power, it operates under the premise that the Holy Empress Lydia Radeken d'Alderac and all her predecessors are the rightful representatives of all deities on the physical world. The cult's most important and largely the most common ceremonial act worldwide is the "Soul Tithe".

The Soul Tithe takes place at the break of dawn and sundown every day across the whole of the Empire.

it is the process during which people go to temples or gather in neighbourhoods and one of the order's representatives - the Quintilionesses collects the anima via a Temple Stone.

The Role of the Empress

The connection implied by the imperial cult of the Empresses with every single deity on the world is what gives her the divine right to rule, and the core reason behind the status of the Imperial Family.

she is considered an arbitrator between multiple religions

her presence is expexted in major celebrations of some of the main sub-rigions on the wmpore. she is also respomsibel for all the heaing ceremonies of the high nobolity

The Clergy and their roles

  The clergy is exclusively the Quintilioness, ans the wardens who guard them (they are taken as young boys and trained to preotect). There is a complex heiraechyn of acolytes and high Quintillionesses to manage their significant duties.    

Diplomacy and reception abroad

  Due to the internal nature of their work, the religion is not well known or understood beyond the boundaries of the wmpire    

Holistic Polytheism


The Quintiliones Priesthood


The Wardens




Fortified structures serving as monasteries, military bases, and vaults of anima

The lighthouse of the Wardenkeep always points towards the Great Temple in Thebes

Ruling Organization
Leader Title
Controlled Territories
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