Wardenkeeps are the monasteries, missions and fortresses that Quintilionesses and their Imperial Wardens live and they serve as the eyes, ears and hand of the Holy Empress Lydia Radeken d'Alderac across any territory that the The Holy Theban Empire holds dominion over.


The Lighthouse

Each Wardenkeep has a tower or a statue in the shape of a tower that symbolises the Empire as a beacon of light and hope. These "lighthouses" of civilization always face towards The Great Temple in Thebes

Each lighthouse has a gem that emits light throughout the night. Placing and litting the gem on top of the lighthouse is part of the ceremony of sanctifying a new Wardenkeep

The Vault

One of the most important features of every Warden Keep is their Vault. The vault is where all Quintilionesses of the keep store their Temple Stones and skeleton keys. The inner Vault is traditionally a vault within the vault where the Keep's Stone is stored and therefore all the Anima gathered by the subjects of the empire each day.

The Warden Barracks

The Quintilionesses Quarter

Famous Wardenkeeps
The Great Temple
The Garden
Owning Organization
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