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the stone of ignition

When the druids and geomancers came together to extrapolate a method to reawaken the core of Orgranys, many ideas were proposed. The one that was finally settled on was a stone taken from the heart of everflame aka the the elemental plane of fire, engraved with runes to concentrate the natural fire elemental energy that it was imbued with. Once it was carried to the core of Orgranys and activated, over the course of several months using geomancy and other magics the iron core of the planet was revived. The stone of ignition has not been recovered, and the secrets to crafting it were destroy in all forms other than a Akashic record locked tome that was written in Ancient Druidic incase there was a need to craft another to terraform another world. The stone if it was unleashed in a improper manner or even worse in a place where the energy it contains was not managed, it would destroy everything near it, and then melt to the core of the world and create volcanic instability. It could potentially render a world inhospitable to life not native to the hells or the elemental plane of fire.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The power of the stone is concentrated through runic inscriptions that hold wards in place upon it. Once activated it can reached temperatures of 7000 degrees Celsius though typically then wards keep it around 5000c.


It revived the core of Orgranys and could be used to do so again.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Only one is known to have been made although the knowledge still exist.
50 kg
1.3m by 1.3m
Base Price
1000 astral diamonds
Raw materials & Components
The stone that was used is called Ignati, it naturally radiated a strong heat, when inscribed with the runes and the wards were activated, the stone was made virtually indestructible, and heat was contained and concentrated.
The inscription of the runic script required adamantine tools.

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