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Crystal of Harmony

From a research essay on the Crystal of Harmony, written by a mage from a group trying to locate and study it:
  • The Crystal of Harmony, as we understand it, is about as old as Creation. The exact time of its creation as well as the purpose of its and its counterpart, the Crystal of Discord, remain unknown. As does their current locations. Contrast this to a similar ancient object, The Drop of Creation, which we know was made to assist in creation and shaping, mostly of Issielori's surface, as well as its remains' approximate current locations. Based on what we know about the Drop, we can theorize that the Crystals, too, were created for the Dragons to use. The purpose could be similar, too; to shape our world in some way. A way to realize the aspects of Harmony and Discord? But that would mean that every aspect would need to have a corresponding Object of Power to it (the Drop of Creation = Realization of tangible world's aspects?), and we haven't found any mention anywhere about others. 

  • Both Crystals are known to be incredibly powerful, and should be approached and handled with utmost caution. They're known to be safe for the mortals to use; their user gets incredible power, as demonstrated by case A. and case R. of the known or suspected cases of usage of either of the Crystals.--
    We have promising clues on the current location of the Harmony Crystal, which is the one of the pair we consider safer to handle and use for study. The group is planning a research mission to find it once the preparations are done. --
    The Crystals are intrinsically linked to each other. We've evidence (see references 3-14) that the handler influences the Crystals in some way, causing either the two Crystals to switch places or to turn Harmony Crystal to Discord Crystal and vice versa. Either way, the process is instantaneous. It seems that the handler's 'nature' has to match the Crystal, or the switch happens. Which means that we need to choose a harmonious, altruistic person, someone who doesn't want to use the power of the Crystal for their own gain, unless we want the Discord Crystal in our hands instead.
    Item type
    Unique Artifact


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