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Herb picker

"To say that herb pickers are undervalued is... well, completely accurate. Some think that they shouldn't charge anything for simple plants, however vital they are to both healers and the common folk. Others don't see it as a profession at all, and certainly not one that deserves any respect. Yet, without us healers wouldn't be able to do their jobs. Every ache and scratch and fever would be a much bigger deal. But what we do is a hobby and something anyone could do at best and complete waste of time at worst, they say. I'd love to see them go pick their own Hardyherbs and handle it correctly so it's of any use when they need them, or to be asked how to distinquish a Worryflower from a Coldstar. Or whether they know where to find any of those herbs. But we know how important our job is, and we learn and we wander to dangerous locations so we can supply the fools the herbs they need, and we feel no shame when we charge the fair price for our wares."
Many don't even realize how much know-how and traveling, even dangers are a part of the herb picker's job. After all, these are plants not often cultivable in the average person's garden, if they are cultivable at all. Often, one needs to know where to find them, when to pick them, how to handle them, how to preserve them. How to distinguish similar-looking herbs from one another, or from a harmful plant. Add to it that some of these herbs, like the Nerethae, just live in places no one wanders to on an accident; have you ever tried to scale up a mountain unprepared? Of course not, it's too dangerous. Even if you did, you probably wouldn't even notice the humble-looking Nerethae from between the rocks. That's why we need herb pickers, and why we should appreciate them more.
Alternative Names
Herb collector, herb supplier
Raw Materials Gathering


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