The Discovery of the Workings of the Fading and the Resulting Treatment Technology / Science in Issielori | The Last Barrier | World Anvil
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The Discovery of the Workings of the Fading and the Resulting Treatment

The Fading has no cure, and even its best treatment options can only slightly slow down its progress of destroying the afflicted's ability to use magic. The work to discover the cure has been delayed by the fact that the condition and what it does to cause such symptom is poorly understood to begin with. The reason for it is that the The Mortal Species still have only basic grasp and hypotheses on their ability to use magic. It is understood that every individual mortal has their own (TBN magic substance) reserves that have a role in determining how powerful magic user the individual is. But where within the individual these reserves reside is already an unanswered question.


What the Mortals in the Barrier had not realized was that most of them didn't have the necessary talents to study this condition, for their understanding of their three souls as well as their ability to study them is lacking. The better understanding of the condition only came to be when a Soul Fetcher by the name of Mana, better known as the recluse healer witch of the Antari forest, was approached by a desperate person afflicted by the Fading. She set to work and discovered that the condition doesn't destroy the magic reserves but rather the Guardian Soul of the afflicted, thus also destroying their magic reserves in the progress.
With the new discovery of what was happening to the customer, Mana was able to use her skills to target the treatment to the afflicted area. Even with her renowned skills and knowledge it took her months to both find what caused the dissolving of the afflicted soul and how to remove it, stopping the fading completely. However, she was not able to restore the soul to its original condition (which in part was because the customer in question was not willing to "let her fiddle with their souls" any more than necessary). She was, however, able to safely conserve the removed, unknown agent of the dissolving for studying.


The treatment removes the agent and stops the dissolving of the Guardian Soul completely.
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Access & Availability
Sadly, among the mortal species only their Soul Fetchers are able to use Soul Mending, as well as other soul-affecting, magic. As such, only they are able to learn how to truly treat the Fading. With how feared and hated the Soul Fetchers are, the availability of the treatment is low.


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