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The Fading

The condition known as the Fading was officially discovered fairly recently, though there are notable number of known cases even before this, with suspected cases even centuries back.
The Fading is named after its main symptom, the gradually fading ability of the afflicted to use magic as the condition destroys their ability to absorb and store the (magic substance). The beginning of the condition is insidious as the levels of the substance within the individual naturally fluctuate, so the individual won't register the difference as something worrying. There's evidence that suggests that the pace of destruction slowly speeds up from this point on. The slow start phase usually lasts for 2-5 years, and in this phase the condition remains undetected.
Even when detected, there's not much to be done. While this condition has been extensively studied since its discovery, the cause and underlying mechanisms of the condition remain unknown. Even the best treatments so far only slightly slow down the progression of the condition. There are rumors that a witch has been able to stop the progress of the condition altogether, but this seems more like wishful thinking than anything else.


It is unknown what causes the Fading. It's been found in all mortal species, but it's rare enough that studying it is difficult. Based on the uncommonness of blood relatives within the affected group, the condition doesn't seem to be congenital. What makes it particularly difficult to study the cause is the slow buildup of the symptoms; it could take years for the affected to even notice something is amiss, and even then the situation is not alarming enough for the affected to seek help.
Despite the common misconception it also doesn't seem to be contagious.
The lead theories propose that the cause could be either environmental or magical in nature.


The gradually, though in slowly speeding pace, loss of ability to use magic (due to the destruction of the magic reserves), leading to the complete loss of magic.
(As per The Discovery of the Workings of the Fading: the gradual destruction of the afflicted's Guardian Soul, leading to the complete loss of one of their souls.)

Cultural Reception

The discovery of the condition caused fear and panic in the people. Many still believe that the condition is transmittable and shun anyone afflicted with it. Many superstitions where the Fading comes from (from curses to lifestyle choices) and how to prevent "catching" it.
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species


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