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Approach not Mount Tagan

"Don't climb the Mountain, child. Our ancestors have angered Tagan with their hubris, and she doesn't take kindly to any mortal that tries to reach her. Strange things happen to travelers even at the forest at the foot of the mountain. Traversing upwards only causes worse, more violent occurrences to happen - to the interlopers and the surrounding areas both.
Don't let the voice in the wind or the lights on the mountain allure you. It's best to admire the beauty of the mountain from afar, and hope that one day she'll welcome us again."
-A version of the myth of the Mount Tagan, told as a cautionary tale to a child in a village near the mountain
Due both to the origins of the Mount Tagan and the stasis spell put on The City of The Embrace sealing the city and its surroundings completely, it is no wonder that the mountain has given birth to several myths and superstitions in the people of the surrounding areas. And there's always some truth hidden in a myth...

It's true what they say about the mountain and the surrounding forest's dangers; the closer the mountain one gets, the stranger are the occurrences that start to happen near any careless travelers: highly localized earthquakes, sudden downpours, strange whispers in the wind, and weird lights are just some of the possible incidents that can be encountered, and once on the mountain and traversing up, towards the Embrace, the more powerful these occurrences seem to get - to the point that they affect the surrounding areas. Most see these occurrences as warnings. See, they remember the mythical beast Tagan due to her importance in their history and her likeness on the mountain itself, but few remember the old capital and the reason of its abandonment - mostly that the spell put on it was mortal-made and that there was, indeed, some hubris involved - so it is no wonder that the people regard the situation as Tagan being angered and causing these occurrences to warn people away.

And the truth? Well it's somewhat sadder. Some of the strange phenomena can be attributed wholly to the spell on The Embrace, but only the ones occurring near the city itself. Most of the phenomena is simply a result of the spell and the natural magic of the area blending together, sometimes in unpredictable ways.

Because Tagan herself is not angry, you see, but sad; she misses the time when there were people near her and wants that back. And so Tagan tries to call the people back to her in any way she can, and yet her people, in fear, stay away.


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