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Mount Tagan

The mountains in The Last Barrier hide multitudes of secrets and weird phenomena. Mount Tagan, however, stands out even amongst them in both beauty and wonder.
    Located in the The Raiteidel Nation, and indeed the site of its (currently former and magically sealed) capital city, The City of The Embrace, Mount Tagan is not impressive because of its height or even by rare metals. Technically, the mountain consists of two parts: the original end-of-mountain-range small mountain formerly named Elysia, and the peculiar, bird-shaped part created when The mythical bird beast Tagan landed on the mountain and became part of it. (This seems to be the same process that the dragons use to create/become entire continents.)   Named after the mythical beast that created it, the mountain is highly magical thanks to being a site created by two spirit-beasts as well as being the site of a [Spirit Well]. Especially Tagan's elemental influence can be felt here; in the valley between the two summits, under a glacier, there's a freshwater spring large enough to form a lake there, that becomes the river that flows down the mountain, and eventually towards the lake. The winds here are always favorable for the settlements and the passageways but known to attack any unwelcome forces. The Embrace, the only city on the mountain, sits in the valley between the two "wings", blessed with prosperity in such an improbable place. Above the city, housing the [Spirit Well], sits the royal castle.
Mountain / Hill


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