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Pure Magic Essence

--You'd never think that something like The Essence would be buyable. It's pure creation! The material we are made of, what our souls are made of, what everything around us is made of! Even just the idea that someone would find a source of it and have the gall to sell it sounds like sacrilege.
Yet, that is exactly what the Meiedol city of Airut is doing. A dwarf friend of mine was proper excited of it, too, when ae told me about it. Didn't believe it. Impossible, I said. So, ae decided to take me to see it for myself. 
Eledei, they have found a Vein there. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and not just because of the research opportunities. I have no words to describe it. But as I was saying, they found a Vein, and instead of leaving it alone and staying far away from it, like sensible people would, they stuck around and noticed that it lets small drops of what it's carrying through. With time and lots of trial and error, they learned how to harvest it and bottle it. And they sell it, call it Pure Magic Essence. 
I tried it, of course. In the name of Science! And In The Great Spirits Name, Eledei, it was AWESOME. It's no Well, of course, but for a normal mortal mage like me, the power my magic had! I'm still giddy when I think about it. Using it would open so many options to our Tower's research, not to mention the first ability to study the Essence and how magic works!
Eledei, our Tower NEEDS to buy this stuff. We need to get a trade deal with the Airutians. --

-An excerpt from a letter from Fiovu, a researcher mage,
to Eledei, their friend and Archmage of Mage Tower of Senari
Despite the name given to it, Pure Magic Essence's nature is not as simple as the name suggests or what people think of it. It is a form of the Essence, but defining it further is problematic. It is certainly not JUST the type of the Essence that lets us use magic. Yet it does fill its users magic reserves (sometimes even overfilling them, if said user is not careful. The results of that are not pretty) and skilled user can even use the container as an extra magic reserve.


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