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The City of Airut is the first known producer and supplier of Pure Magic Essence. Since they started selling it, the city has become one of the largest and richest cities in the Last Barrier].
The City of Airut used to be a struggling mining town. Located deep within the Mountains, in a spacious cavern, for a Meiedol settlement it was completely ordinary and unoriginal. It wasn't known for anything, really; it was just one entry on the list of struggling mining towns. The location was remote, away from surface access points and from the important trade routes. While the town was established to mine silver, the vein had run dry within decades, and there hadn't been any discoveries capable to support the town since. The population dwindled as the residents moved away in search of new opportunities. Then came the discovery of the Vein.
The Vein, carrying along pure Essence, was found when miners, chasing a small silver deposit they had found, broke through to a previously undiscovered cave chamber. How the chamber had been missed so far, no one knows, for the Iaarmu chamber is large and, likely for being a place a Vein goes through, brimming with unbelievably many types of both life and rock.
But it wasn't the mining opportunities, the unique habitat of life and the opportunities it might bring, or even the sheer beauty of the place that the Airutians set their sights on. It was the Vein itself. Or rather, what it let through, what made those other miraculous things possible. The Vein let minuscule amounts of the Essence drip through. And the Airutians realized that each one of those drops was more valueable than any ore ever would be, so they set to work to figure out how to harvest, contain, and transport it safely. These processes are a top secret, of course, but there are whispers about a refining process needed.


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