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The Cold Wastes

The Cold Wastes lie to the south of the Auterhenatirini ice sheet, on what's left of the areas that used to belong to the egacadel and aivadan, but it has expanded further so that it nowadays mostly lies on rateidel territory. The wasteland itself is ever shifting southwards as the ice sheet expands, its magic and sheer cold killing life and changing the climate of the areas around it, which makes any attempt to clearly define where the Wastes borders are difficult. But any traveler knows when they've crossed it. The air feels different, the ceaseless, biting cold, unnatural wind a constant presence on the Wastes. Or the sight of the dying trees and plants on the borders, where the Wastes have recently expanded, unable to adapt to the colder climate.
One'd think that nothing would thrive in these inhospitable lands, and no soul would risk trying to survive here. Most won't. The area is full of abandoned ruins of cities and villages, left there as their people fled the approaching ice and the harsh climate. Yet, there are plants and animals here, thriving where nothing else will. Bafflingly, there are people here, too. The people living in this icy wasteland call themselves Taless'variodel, Cold Survivor People. These are the descendants of the peoples who used to live here before the ice, who have adapted to the changes and found, by sheer stubbornness, ways to survive in their ancestral lands.


The Wastes are mostly tundra-like environment, especially in the most northern parts, with plants and animals that thrive in these harsh conditions being surprisingly abundant. Even completely new ones have been known to appear here. But on the Wall of Earth that the Auterhenatirini pushes forward before itself nothing dares to live.
On the southernmost part of the wastes lies another problem for the life: the disastrous middle phase of the old life struggling and failing to cope with the sudden constant cold and wind, and the cold-thriving life not yet able to claim the new territory as its own.
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