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Taless'variodel aka The Cold Survivors

Taless'variodel aka The Cold Survivors People, are one of the people of the The Rateidel Nation and the only people living in The Cold Wastes.
The current Taless'variodels are descendants of the various peoples that lived on the area before the Cataclysm that created the the Auterhenatirini ice sheet, survived it, and refused to leave (any farther than strictly necessary). Nowadays, the Taless'variodel are considered to be rateidel, as the land they live on is currently part of their nation. Ancestry-wise, rateidel are also the majority, as it is estimated that they make up about 85% of the current-day Taless'variodel ancestry. Other parent ethnicities are egacadel (~7%), aivadan (~5%), and srioni (~3%). However, bear in mind that all current day Taless'variodel are a mix of these ancestries.
Due to the nature of their chosen environment, living permanently in one place is not an option for most of the Taless'variodel population. The Wastes shift slowly southward, driven by the Ice, and life shifts with it. Most of the people are semi-nomadic; they might even temporarily settle to the now-ruins of the abandoned cities, villages, and farms, but sooner or later they'll move.
The land is not suitable for farming anymore, but raising and herding cold-resistant animals is manageable, and the most common source of income in the Wastes. Other sources of income come from trade; non-animal-product traded goods mostly come from herb picking (especially the local variant of Nerethae) and scavenging of the ruins.
Then there is, of course, the relatively small part of the population that controls and operates the Canal, which is vital for international trade. However, it too needs to be abandoned one day, when the Ice grows too close or the cold before it freezes it and the seas near it permanently.
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