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Meiedoli Individuality, aka 'gender choosing', Ceremony

Meiedol don't assign gender at birth. Until age of x, children's gender is considered to be 'child'. The child gender is considered to be completely gender neutral, even completely genderless. However, there is also an adult gender of genderless/agender, which is a different thing.     Around age x, in the individuals teenage years (the exact timing of the ceremony depends on when the individual is ready to undergo it), all children go through the Gender Choosing Ritual, where they formally "choose" their gender and their "adult name, and shed the childhood name and the gender they were given by their community when they were born for good. The actual choices are obviously done before the ceremony is decided to be held, and the ceremony itself is more about formally announcing the choices to their community, as well as the individual and their community celebrating not only these choices, but the child becoming an Individual and an important part of the community, capable of making their own decisions and participating in the community.    While the Individuality Ceremony is an important coming of age ceremony and the person does have an adult name and gender from that point forward, it is not to be confused with the Adulthood Ceremony, from which point the person is considered to be an adult. Other misconceptions non-meiedols have about this ceremony are about the permanence of the choices celebrated during it. Other people think that they are set in stone afterwards, when actually the gender and name choices can be changed as many times as the individual thinks is necessary later on, and this is even encouraged. The Meiedol community knows that the choices in question are both difficult to get right on the first try, and the experience of what fits the individual can change several times during their life.


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