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There are titles that command respect. Those that are worn with honor. To earn some of these, like Ruler or Sword Bearer, you need to literally become more than a mortal. Then there are titles you get not with deeds or might, but with payment or birthright, that aren't on their own a source of respect or honor to their owner. Then there are titles that anyone can earn, with their deeds, or hard work and studies, or even by being at the right place at the right time and doing the right thing. Anyone can earn the title of a hero. But there's one hero title that commands respect in all and who the common folk hold in highest esteem. The title has been given to many individuals over the years. All these individuals are skilled, most of them are just common folk. The title is Monsterslayer, and it's never given gratuitously. 
All monster slayers are heroes, but not all heroes are monster slayers. To earn the title, one must, well, hunt and kill at least one monster that has been a danger to mortals or their settlements, and have witness(es) or other proof of the deed. Other mortals (no matter how criminal or empowered the individual in question is), dangerous but normal animals, or uncorrupted Spirits do not count as monsters. No being is born a monster, and even evil or dangerous deeds, or other beings' influence don't make one a monster.
Instead, monsters are created, transformed and corrupted. Most commonly the creation of a monster is caused by the influence of either magic or Spirits. While a Spirit can just become corrupted and become a monster on its own, it is far more common that the original being was an animal. There are cases where a mortal became a monster, but those cases are exceedingly rare and usually caused by the individual themselves .
Given the requirements, it's no wonder that most individuals that have earned the Monsterslayer title are hunters, soldiers, mercenaries, or mages. Mostly common folk with exceptional skills and experience to hunt and kill such dangerous entities.
Civic, Honorific


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