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Thermera's Betrayal

Thermera's Betrayal is the name of the events that preceded the Shadow War, culminating in the attack by Thermera against the Dragon Evni. The attack, especially its motivations and the intentions of the attacker, are considered both treasonous and an act of rebellion against Dragons and Spirits both. These actions were an unpreceded betrayal of all the pacts made by our ancestors about defending the dragons, the only attack on a Dragon in the Barrier history, and first known attack since the Departure War, where such attacks were the cause of both the war and our ancestors departure from our Old Home. So the betrayal, trying to seize power from a Dragon, was an attack not only against Evni and the Great Spirits as a whole, but also against the Barrierite way of life.   Thermera, and the Thermurdan people he was the leader of, had had to flee their ancestral lands after a calamity destroyed them. They were given land to call their own from the central Barrier by the other peoples, but were unhappy with the area and size of land they were given. Feeling betrayed by the Dragons, who had not helped them despite their demands, and the other Barrierite nations, Thermera came up with a plan to steal The Drop of Creation from its guardian, Evni. The plan was to use the Drop to shape the area their people were given, maybe even surrounding areas if necessary. Thermera chose to approach the dragon with only a small band of supporters, relying on stealth rather than raw power. But others found out about his plan and, abhorred, tried to stop him before he could reach the dragon. The people who found about the plan were Sery Rateissonna and Narami Aunara, the heirs to Rateidel and Meneri thrones, respectfully. The two had overheard the gist of the plan during the meeting of Barrier nations' leaders where the Thermurdans' situation was discussed. But finding out the details of the plan required them to shadow Thermera alone, and when the details were clear, they could only send word to others, realizing that stopping Thermera and his band and defending Evni was something they had to do alone.


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