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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a bloody coup, rebellion or uprising in your world's history.
A total of 348 entries

The Waksis Rebellion

The Horrid Atraean Rebellion

Feloran Palace Coup of 2454 EIE

The Scaled Insurrection

The Slaughter at Haranush

The Dragon Wars - A Humanoid Coup

Slave Uprising of Vir'Del

A CIA experiment gone wrong?

Strike Upon the Caldera

The Invasion of Oz

The Fireworks of Eldor

The Fall of Avakiiralon

First Torchbearer War

The Betrayal of Sosha

Rebellion in the Cold Slopes

The Independence Wars

Bataille du Palais de Chaillot

Thermera's Betrayal

The Secloran Civil War

Der Kampf um Kaerwlasemel

The Struggle of Fang and Sword

Prompt 31: The Failed Iron Forged Rebelion

Bloodplain's Redoubt

The Fall of the Free City of Seese

Tiny Fury vs. Giant Overlords

The Citanian Uprising

The War of Magi Ascension

The Lowly Revolution 8927-28

Ärkvel Uprising of 1020AGC

The Bloody Attempt

The Pyre and the Weald

Romanos I Takes Imperial Title

Triple Rebellion

The Revolt of the Half-Kin

The Neo-Astrolatry Uprising

The Assassination of Caivs Ivlivs Ceasar

The Fall of the Kenmu Regime

The Shattering of the Eastern Front

The Revolution of the Trois Glorieuses: July 1830 or the Summer of the Four Kings

Purple Cloak Rebellion

Ambush of Southern Transfer Caravan

The Birth of Wynsumheord

Breaking of Chains

The Sipohaian-Natsuexi Spilt

The War of Broken Chains

Glow Rebellion of 4999

Llino Blood Hunt of 15292

Roderick's Rebellion

The Day of The Crimson Throne

The Wildwood Incident

The Tern Bas Revolt

The Democratic Revolution

The Alessian War of Independance

La Caída de la Reina Bruja

The Battle of the Maeux Moons

Gwenaria's Rebellion

The Fall of Eladrin

A 'Mad' Insurrection

Nassinia Cruentis Revolt

The Zvaarian Revolt

The Twilight of Two Sunsets

Nostravolish Rebellion

The French Revolutions

The Aluvani Revolution

Rise of the Republic

Battle of Red Waters

The Iron Insurrection

The Great Revolution of the Dark Lands

Grimharbour Riots

Sadarren Uprisings

The First Daemonic Incursion

Die Schlacht am ewig verschlossenen Tor

Harpyien-Havarie von Zitronenbach

The 23rd Farmer's Rebellion

The Red-and-Black-Year

The War of Three Princes

The occupation of Jor Trilak

Die Segorische Revolution

The Collapse Period

The Rebellion in Vol'nische

Merchants Rebellion

Bloody Summer Rebellion

Great Oneximásin Revolt

The Rebellion of Roshan

The Exsanguination

Northern Slave Uprising

Die Stunden der Preuvelité

The Sveldvar Rebellion

The Rotian Rebellion

Revocation War, The

The Coup of Castle Tirav

Battle at Scribe's End

Attentat auf den Erzmagier

The War of Madness

Mutiny on the Sunset Dawn

Chrysanthemum Uprising

The Khurish Coup of 1238

The Telshian Upheaval

The cinian Rebellion

The Great Schism

1205's Battle of Navara

The Unification Wars of Mizukasai

Bloedige Slag om Sodorna

The Griefing Kingdom

The Louthian Uprising

The Purple Rebellion {War} {English}

The Thousand Year War

Thouves Tax Revolt

Battle of Mt. Ashenfeld

War Between the Aesir and Vanir

The Mage's Revolt

The Demon of the Hollow

The unification war

The Glerkod rebellion

The Hillfolk Rebellion

Rebellion vs Tashan

Impassable river revolution

The Halen Gwaed massacre

The Hanashiro Usurping

Jura Academy Uprising

Armageddon of the Old Erialla

The Dunheuvelin Rebellion

The Uprising of Crystal Concord

La fondation des chiens brumeux

Infection of the Brood

Kerellon/Derenell Civil War

Marmour's Rebellion

Kawa farmer's uprising

The Sixth Major Civil War of Drifeyer

The Durangal Slave Revolt

Insurrection des cendres

The Civil War of Kastradal

Zeno's Rebellion: The Last Day

The Sunland Rebellion

The Elf-Human War

Federation-Jenmoreneat War

Draconic Rebellion

The Unity Dissolved

The fall of Duridar

Sárkányvölgye vörös fesztiválja

Martellis' Rebellion

Three Week Rebellion against Baron Garook

Revolution of the Accords

The Phantom Insurrection

The Silkenvault Comedy

The Æsheland Rebellion

Brijild Uprising - pretty brutal

The Battle Of Shattered Ice

Farmer's Rebellion of 4E 338

The Destruction of the Towers of Magic

The Rebellion of Wakhangaro Island

The Mazarron Plot

The Xarian Rebellion

Final battle for Aeirland

The Third World War

The Red Lotus Rebellion

Delta Clans uprising

The Dev Eradication of the Sesha Dragons.

Geata Rail Riots-Foundry Platform Bombing

The Coruscare Coup

The Rebellious Order

The Battle in The Valley of The Sun

The Bloodstone Fissure

Assassination of Ouric the Elder

The homunculi uprising that didn't happen

The Fall of Five Nations

Der Sturz des Ewigen Imperiums

Failed Kidnapping of Valeska

The End of the Krovnakov Dynasty

The Epic Colossal War that Created the World

The Citizens Insurrection of 3744NC

The Violet Revolutions

The Fall of Baystead

Wlitowa's Resurrection

Sturz von Kraljha

Release of Drusseodia

The Zuterro War of Independence

The Rekindling Massacre

The Murdering of Crows

Doomed Sisters: Arenkatra & Solavitri

The Coup of the Heretical Kings

The escalation of The Eternal War

Rebellion In Lead to the War of Souls

Isaiah Versus Purgatory

The battle for the Conquistador

The Pacification of Great Hull

Crystal Row's Undocumented Rebellion

The Decade of 5 Emperors

The Mystery of Kilwell

The Corpse Harvest

The Roaring of the Gods

The Great Bronze Revolution

The Tousans Heresy

The Wondrous Night

New Esland Revolution

The Rebellion against Cruorlena Lubidra - PROMPT #31 A bloody coup, rebellion or uprising

Shenjian's Uprising

Black Pillar Battles

Duellen mellan klanerna

The Golden Dragon War

Deposing the Troll Kings

Cria-Firewar war

The Bastard Play Rebellion

The Purge of Morals

Silver Eagle Rebellion

The Second Ifrinn Revolt

The Kordaasi Betrayal

Twin Rivers Civil War

A Battle Lost to Ashes

Birth of the Third Cohort

Wyrwood Rebellion

Under the Foot of Industry

Liberation of Kupria

The Forwood Rebellion

The Failed Coup of 816

Downfall of the Past

Rhyderian Civil War

Arnian Coup of Indepencence

Braca's Final Fall

Disciple Fracture

Apseldian War for Independence

The Schism of The Elysion Imperium

Uprising of the right hand

El emergimiento